7-Day Prep of Holiday Housecleaning

Holiday house prep is always a stressful time of year, whether your job is to tidy your room or deep clean the basement floors, there is always something that needs to get done. Everyone wants to make sure their house is in tip top shape, whether you are hosting a large group or a small one, you want to make sure your house is clean, presentable and comfortable for your guests. If you are looking to replace your carpets or looking to update your kitchen counters before family and friends arrive, contact Best Buy Interior Finishes today to learn more about our services.

On the first day of cleaning, take a walk through your home. Make note of anything you notice that a guest might see, such as a houseplant with dead leaves. Turn these observations into do-it-yourself tasks and create a plan. Assign tasks to each member of the family so you will be able to tackle all aspects of your home quickly, giving you time to add decorations and last minute touches.

Day two let the cleaning begin! Start with the basics, wash the windows, spray them with windex and make them sparkle. Vacuum your window screens to complete their fresh look. Before you clean the windows, throw your window and shower curtains and spare bedspreads if necessary into the laundry machine so that they will be ready to be pressed once you are done with the windows and can keep everything moving.

Once the bedspreads are clean and in place, start day three by straightening up your spare bedrooms or the rooms your guests will be staying in. Remove any clutter and if you have extra time donate old or excess clothes to a local charity to help provide clothes for those in need. Deep-clean your bathrooms, including the cabinets. Clean out any items you would not want your guests to see and store them in your own bathroom.

On the fourth day of cleaning, dive into your coat closet and make room for your guests’ coats, adding extra hangers as a precaution. Deep clean your carpets and any throw rugs you have so that they are clean and fluffy for when your guests arrive and if you are in a cold climate will feel very warm on their feet.

Day five and you are nearing the end. Today is all about the kitchen, clean the stove top, surfaces and grates. Make sure your refrigerator is cleared out and stocked with food for the party and extra food in general for your guests. Dust the top of the refrigerator and sweep under the bottom for finishing touches. Wipe clean all large and small appliances and your kitchen cabinets.

You are almost done, day six and you can start outside sweeping the entryway to your home. Polish your doorknob, put salt on the ground if there is ice and add decoration, such as a wreath or colorful lights for a seasonal touch. Step back in your warm home and dust, from your bookshelves to photo frames to art and ceiling fans. Lastly, clean the kitchen sink to ensure it will only be used a little before guests arrive.

Day seven is here and all that is left is last minute preparations. Start with taking out the trash and adding fresh bags to your trash can then move to wiping down any dirty areas in the bathroom because throughout your cleaning people in your family have most likely been using it. Put toilet bowl cleaner in the toilet and brush, hang fresh towels and put out fresh hand soap. Next, damp-mop the kitchen floor, vacuum your carpets and fluff sofa cushions and pillows.

Though holiday cleaning can be stressful, use these tips to help keep organized and delegate work and it will be done in no time. Remember to add decorations and your own flare for your guests to enjoy. If you are looking to get new carpets or add new granite kitchen countertops, contact Best Buy Interior Finishes today to learn more about our services.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens