How Long Does Carpet Last?

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On average, a carpet should last between 5 and 15 years. However, a carpet’s life expectancy is heavily dependant on its quality and your use of it. With proper carpet care, a high-quality carpet can last 20 years or more.

Carpets made from wool or nylon enjoy the longest lifespan. Polyester and polypropylene (olefin) carpets are more affordable but won’t last as long. Each material has its benefits. But if you’re looking for a carpet that will last as long as possible, nylon and wool are easily the best choices.

When to Replace a Carpet

It can be hard to decide when it’s time to replace your carpet. Unlike an appliance or a vehicle, carpets never break down in a way that demands attention. Instead, most people replace their carpets for cosmetic reasons rather than functional ones. So let’s discuss some of the most common kinds of wear and tear that you should keep an eye out for.


The soft feeling of carpet beneath your feet is one of the most appealing aspects of carpet floors. Over time, all carpets will experience matting to some degree. This flattening of the carpet makes them less comfortable to sit or stand on.

High traffic areas suffer from matting more than lesser-used sections of carpet. But all carpets will matt to at least some degree over time. Although carpet cleaning helps reduce the severity, matting is a permanent process. So when you start to notice it, you should start thinking about replacing your carpet.

Smells & Stains

In addition to their cushiony feel, carpets can add to the aesthetic appeal of a room. But if stains start to bespeckle your carpet, it becomes more of an eyesore than a design choice. A single stain is no reason to replace an otherwise good carpet. But each new stain tips the scales farther toward replacement.

Stains that are accompanied by an unpleasant odor, on the other hand, are a much better reason to replace your carpet. Pet pee is one of the most common causes of a smelly carpet. When caught early enough, simple store-bought carpet cleaners should be able to eliminate the odor from Fido’s accident. Otherwise, hiring a professional carpet cleaner usually does the trick.

But if your furry friend makes a habit of peeing on the carpet, the smell often persists even through professional cleanings. Depending on how pungent the odor is, you might not have to replace the carpet right away. But each accident will only make things worse. And if your pet can’t be convinced to find a more suitable bathroom, you may want to consider different flooring options altogether.

Water Damage

Water-damaged carpets tend to give off a moldy, mildew smell. As a rule of thumb, if your carpet is only 3-5 years old when it suffers water damage, call in the pros to give it a thorough cleaning. They’re often able to work magic and get relatively new carpets back to like-new condition. But if your carpet is already showing other signs of wear when it lives through a flood, it’s probably time to replace it.

Fraying, Snags, & Holes

Fraying carpet fibers, carpet snags, and holes in your carpet are mostly cosmetic issues. However, they can affect the function of the carpet as well. Carpet snags can develop into holes when left exposed. And holes expose the carpet padding and/or the floor beneath the carpet, increasing the chances of damaging one or both.

Carpets that begin to fray will only get worse over time, but they won’t limit the use of the carpet. You’ll have to decide for yourself if the appearance of frayed ends is reason enough to replace the carpet.

Fading Colors

Sunlight and foot traffic both contribute fading colors on a carpet. Thankfully, these issues are purely cosmetic and don’t require any immediate action. But carpets that start to fade because of foot traffic are much more likely to suffer from matting as well.

Replacing Your Carpet

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