What Type of Hardwood Flooring is Best for Families?

In response to the spread of the coronavirus, families and individuals alike are staying home to practice social distancing and to ultimately flatten the curve. Now that you’re spending so much time at home, you’re likely noticing things that you didn’t pay attention to before, including your flooring. Hardwood flooring in Naperville is a popular choice for families due to its high resale value, timeless style and overall durability.

Although hardwood flooring will naturally develop a few scratches and nicks over time, starting with a more resilient wood type will be better for you and your family in the long run. Consider one of the following types of hardwood to maximize your investment.

Brazilian Walnut

Brazilian walnut is a great alternative to American walnut, a floor type that is known to easily scratch. The Brazilian alternative is exotic and rarely needs to be treated. This is an ideal option for families who don’t want to put in a lot of time or effort into floor maintenance. As an added bonus, this material is also resistant to both pets and moisture. Kids will be no match for this type of wood!


Maple hardwood floors combine durability and affordability, as its price point is appealing to many. It is one of the hardest domestic wood types on the market but it is not as hard as hickory. Maple is one of the most aesthetically pleasing hardwood flooring options, making it an even more popular choice for families.

Red & White Oak

It wouldn’t be a list of desirable hardwood flooring options in Naperville if we didn’t mention red and white oak. This material was popular during the construction of the early 1900s homes, and many of them still have the original flooring in them. While the white variety is a bit harder and generally more stable, they are both attractive options.

At Best Buy Interior Finishes, Flooring and Granite, we understand that families want to get the most bang for their buck. Although we are temporarily closed due to COVID-19, we look forward to serving you soon!