Best Way to Protect Your Countertop From Stains and Damage

Countertops can make or break your kitchen, so it only makes sense that you would want to protect your beautiful investment. Even the most durable and long-lasting countertops can be susceptible to damage over time, so wear and tear can be considered natural. There are simple ways to test and protect your kitchen countertops, and we are here to help you discuss them.

Make Sure it is Sealed

Granite countertops are known for how easy they are to clean and how the surface material is incredibly sturdy. That being said, people forget that these stone countertop materials are porous and can absorb liquids. Thankfully, our granite countertops are sealed when they are installed, and you can easily check if the seal is still in place with the following test:

  • Pour a tablespoon of water on the countertop
  • Wait half an hour
  • Wipe away water
  • If a stain is left, then your countertop needs to be resealed
  • The water stain will evaporate quickly, so no need to worry

Proper Care Techniques

Certain cooking methods, like making pasta, are fine on a granite countertop, but there are many that are not. Always use a cutting board as repeated cutting and scratching can cause irreversible damage. While granite can withstand intense heat, engineer stone, or quartz, countertops should always have a hot pad or towel placed dowm in order to protect from damage.

When it comes to cleaning the counter, never let spills and messes stay idle for too long. Some liquids and oils will quickly dry and become much harder to clean if left unattended. When using cleaning products, be sure to use gentle cleaning products, as the more acidic ones can eat away at the stone.

If you need your countertop replaced or want to discuss maintenance with a professional, then contact Best Buy Interior Finishes today!