Using Granite Outside of Your Kitchen

Granite and kitchen countertops go hand-in-hand. This durable, timeless material comes in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can pick exactly what you want for your space. At Best Buy Interior Finishes, not only is our granite near Plainfield used for kitchens, but for other spaces in your home as well. Here are some ways to use granite in rooms besides your kitchen.

A Living Room or Basement Bar

If your home is often used for entertaining, consider adding a granite-countertop bar in either your living room or basement. This will make both the living room and the basement more functional and also make them look sleek.

The Dining or Family Room

If you have a table in your dining or living room made from our granite near Plainfield, it will eliminate the need for coasters. Guests will now be able to set their drinks down without leaving any marks on the table. In the dining room, small, granite tables are a great addition to the room, as they create space to put extra serving platters or drinks, especially useful during the holidays.

Garage Countertops

Everyone uses their garage for different reasons. If you use it for storage and you have cabinets in your garage, consider installing granite countertops that will instantly transform your space. The countertops will add more storage space and make your garage look sophisticated.

When it comes to our granite near Plainfield, no room is off limits! Think outside the box, as granite is versatile in appearance and functionality. Contact Best Buy Interior Finishes & Granite for your next granite-related project.