Tips for Maintaining Your New Carpet

Let’s say you just bought brand new carpet in Wheaton or another place in the Chicagoland area. Your purchase represents a pretty sizeable investment, and you want keep that carpet looking its very best for years to come. At Best Buy Interior Finishes & Granite we totally understand, and here are a few tips to help you maintain the beauty of that new carpet.

Area rugs and runners – First, add area rugs and runners in high traffic areas of your new carpet. These will minimize soiling and crushing while also adding some colorful accents to the room.

Slippers instead of shoes – You might not want to ask your guests to take off their shoes, but you can save a lot of wear on your carpet by doing that yourself. Shoes can drag in all kinds of nasty things to soil your carpet, so keep some slippers handy near the front entrance and slide them on when you come home.

Vacuum often – Your vacuum cleaner is the best defense against the early retirement of your carpet, so vacuum at least twice a week and more if the room gets a lot of foot traffic. When dirt and dust are left on your carpet, it starts looking dull and dingy pretty quickly. Regular vacuuming removes these particles and prolongs the life and luster of your carpet.

Regular professional cleaning – The temptation is to put off a professional cleaning until you see dirt, dullness or crushing. Unfortunately, if you wait until you see signs of damage, the damage has already been done. Professional cleaning and applying stain protection every 6 to 12 months is highly recommended even if it doesn’t look like the carpet needs cleaning. Regular cleaning helps prevent dulling and crushing, and stain protection makes spills easier to clean up.

Keeping the sunshine out – We’ve learned that overexposure to the sun ages our skin, but most don’t know that it also ages our carpets. Before leaving for the day, close the blinds or drapes. That will really make a difference, especially for darker carpet colors.

In addition to the maintenance tips, here are some recipes for carpet cleaners you can make at home.

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