Latest Carpet Trends And Designs

For 2015, there have been some shifts in the trends for carpet. The popular options are focused mostly on color and texture. With new options being available all the time, the days where carpet was limited to basic beige and a generic texture have evolved into the carpet emerging as a focal point in interior design.

Carpet Color

The specific color of what is considered neutral has changed over the years. Today, neutral colors are considered to be gray and taupe. These colors are very flexible and have an interesting dynamic. Not only can they stand on their own, but they can also assist in creating the canvas for sparks of color throughout the room. These pops of color can come from a variety of sources, whether it’s the paint on the walls, color from pillows, or perhaps color within other furniture decorations or window treatments.

One popular color palate to support neutral carpeting is going to be colors in the green family. Earthy greens signify renewal and growth, and other greens such as emerald, lime, and moss are also being used in home interior design projects. The idea behind greens being so popular is because it portrays the shift towards eco-friendly and natural earthy designs.

Going along with the eco-friendly theme, patterned carpeting is also becoming popular, especially carpet with designs of leaves, trellises, or flowers. These organic shapes also tend to coordinate easily with patterns in other furnishings because of their organic shapes.

Carpet Texture

The current trend for carpet texture is going to be soft and comfortable carpet. People are starting to desire carpet that feels luxurious and soft on their feet as they walk through their home. Some of these luxurious new styles include oversized loop piles, chunky felts, and high dense twists.

High-traffic areas are going to need something strong and durable. Popular options for these areas such as stairs and major walkways include textured loop carpet. These styles of carpet also do a good job of reducing the appearance of dirt and they minimize vacuum marks. Textured loops are trending to be soft and durable and can have various pile heights. With nylon materials becoming softer, it is possible to create that soft feel, even in high-traffic areas.

Since bedrooms don’t tend to be high-traffic areas, this is a great area to focus on the thicker and softer carpeting that people are striving for. Carpeting such as plush velvet piles and deep textured frieze or shag pile will really enhance the style of your bedroom areas.

As trends change and shift, you want to find something that is not only trendy, but also timeless. Your carpet should last many years, so you don’t want to regret installing a certain carpet after only a few years. Sticking with neutral colors as the backdrop for your interior design is the way to go. It is much easier to make changes to paint, furniture, or decorations if your personal style changes that will match neutral colored carpeting.

It is also essential to keep in mind the durability of carpeting and to ensure the right style of carpet is chosen for each area of your home. This will not only ensure that your carpet lasts longer, but it ensures that you get the right feel of the carpet in the right areas of your home.

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