Amaze Guests with Our Quartz Countertops in Plainfield, IL

Want to leave your guests in awe at your next house party, and have them talking about your new kitchen for months to come? Then you should consider getting quartz countertops installed in your Plainfield, IL, home. These unique stone countertops are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also last for decades thanks to their durable nature.

Home improvement projects can dramatically improve the design and appearance of your home for years to come. The good news about quartz is that the stone matches dozens of artistic styles, so your space will always be complemented by the counters. Come to the showroom of Best Buy Interior Finishes to inspect the hundreds of samples that we can easily provide to your kitchen or bathroom.

Why Choose Quartz Countertops?

  1. Strength and Durability – Quartz is manufactured instead of taken from a quarry, and part of the creation process involves strengthening the stone. Certain quartz countertops are infinitely stronger than their natural stone counterparts. Quartz won’t chip, stain, or scratch easily, and thus these countertops could be seen as a long-term investment for your home.
  2. Easy to Clean – Because quartz is less porous than granite, it does not stain as easily and will hold its color for longer periods of time. This has the added benefit of meaning that the quartz is much more sanitary as bacteria will not be able to grow in the minute crevices. Less maintenance is required to keep the quartz in pristine condition, unlike granite which requires sealing and polishing, or wood which requires sanding and oiling.
  3. Versatile Appearance – Quartz not only has a luxurious appearance, but it also can come in a vast array of styles and edges. This means that you can order the exact color and design of the countertop to fit your kitchen perfectly.

Craftsmanship You Can Count On

If you want a hygienic, customizable, and durable countertop to show off to your friends and neighbors, then quartz is definitely the way to go. But even the best materials can cause issues if you don’t use trustworthy contractors to install them. That is why you should contact Best Buy Interior Finishes to handle the installation and purchasing of your new quartz countertop.

We have years of experience working with Plainfield homeowners to enhance and improve their interior spaces. Our team will communicate with you to ascertain the perfect counter for your kitchen, and expert technicians will install the counter expeditiously so that you aren’t left without a workable kitchen space for long. We know that you will adore your new countertop, and our commitment to customer satisfaction will have you planning new projects in no time.

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