Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertops are one of the most important items for both existing and prospective homeowners. Because the kitchen is the most frequently used room, you’ll want to be confident that it looks good and is also functional. So, choosing the right type of stone for your countertop is essential. The right choice can even increase the value of your home. That’s why it is important to research which stone is best for you.



When asked about their dream kitchen, it won’t take long for most Americans to mention granite countertops. In the past 20 or so years, granite has become the gold standard for kitchen countertops. In the past, granite was too expensive to be placed in most homes, but prices have gone down to a more reasonable level.

A granite countertop provides you with a timeless and unique look. Granite is made up of many different crystals so there are tons of options for each homeowner. With so many color and design options you can easily find something that goes with the rest of your kitchen. Moreover, granite is heat resistant and durable which makes it a great option to put next to a stove top because it can absorb heat very well.

The most important thing with granite is to make sure it has been properly sealed. Since granite is porous, a poor job of sealing it off could cause permanent stains.



Quartz is another great option to complete your kitchen. Because quartz is a manufactured product, there is an extremely large array of color options to choose from. This can be beneficial if you can’t find the right color with a natural stone. Quartz is very comparable to granite. That said, quartz is manufactured so it doesn’t need to be sealed. This makes installation and maintenance easier.


There are many examples of stunning marble countertops. The visual appeal and cost are the main reason people turn to marble. It is likely to be considerably more affordable than quartz and granite. But, marble is very porous and very soft which makes it a high maintenance surface. The durability is very questionable and it needs to be resealed often.

Countertop Edge Styles

Granite Countertops Naperville, Aurora, Hinsdale, Woodridge, Lisle
Best Buy Interior Finishes offers a variety of  countertop edge profiles including:








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