Kitchen Backsplashes

Kitchen Backsplashes in Hinsdale, Woodridge, Lisle, and beyond

Whether you are completely overhauling your kitchen or just making a few changes, the kitchen backsplash cannot be ignored. While the primary reason for a kitchen backsplash is usually functional, it has huge implications for your overall decor. Sure, a backsplash is needed to prevent the walls in the kitchen from getting water damage, but it also will affect your overall aesthetic.

The perfect kitchen backsplash can be the finishing touch that ties an entire room together. Here are the details that go into making your kitchen backsplash perfect.

Select the Tile Style

This decision may come down largely to budget. More affordable options include ceramic and porcelain. On the higher end of the price range are materials like marble, granite, or glass. These higher-end tiles can certainly be a beautiful addition to your home, but if they are not in the budget, don’t fret. Technology has made it so an affordable ceramic can resemble more expensive materials. This is the perfect option for people who want a certain look without breaking the bank.

Different Cuts and Colors

There is no shortage of options when it comes to selecting tile. There are a number of different ways your tile can be cut including subway tiles, hand painted tiles, laser-cut tiles, and diagonal tiles. The choice comes down to the type of look and feel you want to create in your kitchen. Certain styles like laser-cut are more expensive than others. With so many options, make sure you do some in-person comparison before making a final decision.

Height and Style

With kitchen backsplashes, everything is customizable. It is pretty standard to have your backsplash go from countertop to cabinet, but you may decide you want it to go all the way up the wall. You’ll also need to consider how the backsplash will blend with kitchen countertop and wall paint. A well-designed backsplash will tie together one of the most important rooms in your home.

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