Using a Neutral Colored Carpet as a Canvas

Neutral Colored Carpet

When your property is furnished with dull, unimaginative carpet, it can be difficult to display your style and make your house feel like home. Don’t lose hope. There are plenty of tips and tricks you can use to brighten and invigorate your living areas. Whether you’d prefer to invest in a couple of ornamental rugs, a gallon of paint, or some exciting new furniture, you will be left with a finished product that is far more compelling and luxurious than you started with.

Patterned Area Rugs

One way to deal with your drab carpet is to simply cover it up! Area rugs take up a great deal of space, so they are perfect for large rooms. Plus, you can choose any design you want to match your home’s aesthetic. Even in less spacious rooms, smaller rugs can add a unique flair to your floors.

Vibrant Wall Paintings

You can take the focus off of your floors by drawing attention to the walls surrounding your room. Keeping the environment full of light is key, and repainting your walls with an energetic color will do just that.

A bright jewel-tone color palette will give your home a touch of swagger and sophistication, while an earthy selection of greens and browns will make your room feel homey and comfortable. Neutral colors go well with both warm and cool tones, so you will have plenty of colors to choose from when you shop for paint.

Striking Furniture and Embellishments

Another method in the battle against boring carpet colors is to decorate your home with dramatic furniture. Enhancing your room with tasteful accessories and fixtures will turn your guest’s attention away from the floor and up to all of the interesting items within the room. Tall bookcases, funky lamps, and other creative items are perfect for spicing up your home’s look.

Best Buy Interior Finishes is There to Beautify Your Plain Carpets

Our design experts at Best Buy Interior Finishes are dedicated to your satisfaction when it comes to beautifying your home. Whether you choose to update your old, worn-out carpet or refresh your kitchen with brand-new granite countertops, we can help you increase the value of your home while reflecting your own personal style.

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