Hardwood, Carpeting, and Laminate Flooring in Aurora, IL

It’s easy to overlook the flooring in your Aurora, IL home. But the floors in your home play a significant role in both the functionality and the aesthetics of every room. Each type of flooring has distinct strengths and weaknesses that you should consider when thinking about upgrades.

We would like to cover the basics of hardwood, luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), and tile flooring so that you are prepared to select the best material for your home. In addition to these materials, carpeting is another popular option. But because it serves a distinctly different purpose, we’ve created a separate page to focus on carpeting in Aurora. When you’re done here, read through that page to see if carpeting might better suit your needs.

Aurora Hardwood Flooring

Homeowners in Aurora turn to hardwood flooring for its aesthetic appeal more than anything else. Wood flooring looks great and, in most cases, it will actually increase the value of your home. Hardwood flooring is also a durable option, but it’s still susceptible to scratches, dings, and water damage.

Its attractive good looks make hardwood flooring perfect for living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms, and bedrooms. But moisture can cause hardwood flooring to warp, making them a poor option for bathrooms, kitchens, or laundry rooms.

Despite the water dangers, many homes feature kitchens with hardwood flooring. In fact, granite countertops in Aurora homes pair perfectly with hardwood floors. The combination offers a polished, refined look that’s hard to top. If you like the idea of hardwood in your kitchen, be sure to properly care for it, making sure not to let moisture pool unless you’re actively cleaning.

Tile Flooring for your Aurora Home

If you’re looking to upgrade the flooring in your bathrooms, laundry room, or other high-moisture areas, tile flooring is the obvious choice. Porcelain tiles are perfect for these areas because of how well they stand up to water.

Stone tiles, like those made from travertine, are another good choice for wet environments. Although these tiles tend to be slightly more expensive than ceramics like porcelain, stone tiles can offer a more upscale appearance. If you’re considering travertine tiles, just know that they may stain from prolonged exposure to moisture, so they’re probably not the best choice for shower stalls.

LVT Flooring in Aurora, IL

Luxury vinyl tiles and planks offer the best of both beauty and function. They can effectively mimic the high-quality looks of hardwood or stone flooring while offering total protection from moisture. Plus, LVT and vinyl plank flooring in Aurora, IL is usually several times less expensive than hardwood. And best of all, it requires minimal upkeep.

Between their durability, low cost, and good looks, luxury vinyl planks and tiles are quality flooring solutions for virtually any room.

Need Help Deciding on Flooring Your Aurora, IL Home?

Whether you are deadset on choosing hardwood flooring, or you have just begun exploring the multitude of options available, we can help you find the perfect flooring for your Aurora, IL, home. Our extensive selection of flooring options includes a wide variety of styles and materials. Our flooring professionals can put their expertise to the test to help you hone in on the best style to match your desired aesthetic.

Once you’ve decided on the material and design, we can also help with flooring installations, so don’t delay. Call us today at 630-864-5778 or stop by our showroom so we can help transform your living space into a dream home.

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