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Carpet Styles

Your Plainfield, IL home is the perfect place to install new carpeting to add a fresh look and feel to your living space. The style you choose is dependent on your personal style as well as where you plan to install the carpeting. With all the choices available, there is no need to be overwhelmed. We will help you every step of the way.

The Advantages of Having Carpet

If you are like most homeowners, one of the first questions you have is what are the benefits of carpet? For many years, homeowners have used carpet due to its look and durability. Making sure your home is looking its best at all times is important. The last thing you want is to showcase damaged or dirty flooring. With the right carpeting, you can improve the look and functionality of your home. Our team will show you all of the carpeting options available and help you find the right fit for your needs.

Carpet Installation

Professional carpet installation is the best way to go when getting new carpet. Having an expert handle this daunting task will reduce headaches and give you a carpet that you can be proud of. Carpet installation consists of multiple parts. First, the area needs to be measured correctly and the doors removed. Next, the subfloor needs to be cleaned, and the carpet strips need to be installed. After the pad is installed, the carpet is installed, which may include the need to stretch the carpet. Any seams need to be glued together, and the excess carpet needs to be trimmed. This is a lot of work, especially if you want your carpet to be laid perfectly. Our professional installers will do the job the right way.

Attempting to install your carpeting without the help of our team can lead to a variety of problems. Our team is well-trained and knows how to install new carpeting in a hurry. Not only can we get your new carpet installed quickly, but we will do it at a reasonable price. Instead of running the risk of damaging the carpet you have purchased due to a lack of experience, allow Best Buy Interior Finishes to handle this complicated process for you.

Carpet Prices

How much you spend on the carpet is clearly determined by your budget. One factor to consider is to make sure that you’re getting quality in the carpet. In some cases, you might be better off postponing the project instead of sacrificing for low-quality carpeting. Some of the factors that determine price include the face weight and carpet fiber material involved in making the carpet. Carpet is usually priced by square-yard or square-foot. Keep in mind the area that you’re installing the carpet and think about the amount of traffic you’re expecting, as well as how long you expect the carpet to last. These two factors will determine the scope of your project and ensure that carpet prices are in line with what you’re expecting from the carpet.

One of the things our team is passionate about is providing the best customer service possible. Each customer who comes through our doors is given the help and treatment they deserve. Some homeowners are unsure about what type of carpeting they want. In cases like these, our knowledgeable sales team will offer assistance to help the customer find exactly what they need.

Best Buy Interior Finishes has been family operated for over 25 years. We have a beautiful showroom at 1624 Route 59 Naperville, IL 60564, which is a short drive from Plainfield, IL. Get a free estimate on your carpeting project or give us a call at 630-791-5472.

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