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Carpet Styles

The style of carpet you decide on is a very important thing to consider when installing carpet in your Lisle, IL home. With all the options available to you, finding the right carpeting can sometimes be overwhelming. We’ll help you choose the right carpet that will fulfill all your needs, even if you have pets, children, or are looking for a stain resistant option.

Carpet Installation

Professional carpet installation is the best way to go when getting new carpet. Having an expert handle this daunting task will reduce headaches and give you a carpet that you can be proud of. Carpet installation consists of multiple parts. First, the area needs to be measured correctly and the doors removed. Next, the subfloor needs to be cleaned and the carpet strips need to be installed. After the pad is installed, the carpet is installed, which could include the need to stretch the carpet. Any seams need to be glued together and the excess carpet needs to be trimmed. This is a lot of work, especially if you want your carpet to be laid perfectly. Our professional installers will do the job the right way.

Carpet Prices

Carpet prices are charged by square foot or square yard and can come in a variety of different options. These options are determined by the amount of traffic that is expected in the area you are installing it as well as how long the carpet is expected to last. Some carpets are good for low traffic areas, where other carpets are best suited for high traffic areas. Prices for carpet expecting to last 5 years is lower than those expected to last 15 years or more. Keep in mind the options for stain resistant carpeting as well. If you have pets or children, this may be a great option for you. Where you install the carpet will also play a factor in how much you should spend on carpeting. Don’t sacrifice quality of carpet just to fit in a lower budget, you’ll regret this decision and wish you waited until you could afford a higher quality carpet.

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