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Best Buy Interior Finishes has spent more than 25 years installing carpet in homes throughout Hinsdale, IL. Our extensive selection of carpeting styles ensures that we have a perfect option for any room. And as much as we love laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, and tile floors, carpet makes a room feel cozy in a way other floors simply can’t. Keep reading to learn about popular carpeting options in Hinsdale.

Choosing a Carpet for your Hinsdale Home

Carpets come in all sorts of colors and styles, each of which has its own unique pros and cons. The carpet you choose will be with you for years to come. So it’s important to give the decision some careful consideration. Here are a few things to consider:


When selecting a color for your carpet, be sure to think about how it will complement the rest of the room. Consider the color of the walls, window coverings, furniture, and any decorations within the room. Beyond simply coordinating, think about how the color of your carpet will affect the room as a whole.

Light or neutral colors, like beige and white, open up the room to make it feel more spacious but stain easily. Darker carpets tend to do the opposite, concealing stains while providing a more intimate environment. And the middle ground of blues and greens often exude a calming effect.

Style / Texture

There are nearly as many carpet textures as there are colors. Here’s a breakdown of some of the most popular carpet styles for Hinsdale homes.



Berber carpets are often less expensive than other styles, making them a popular all-around choice. Originally a style used primarily for area rugs, Berber is now a common choice for carpeting full rooms. The looped fibers that make up the carpet allow you to easily clean spills as long as you get to them early. However, they aren’t the softest style of carpet.

Like any looped carpet, Berber ones have to potential to snag. So while the construction is more durable than other styles, powerhead vacuums and those with beater bars can tug on the fibers. And pets (especially cats) often like to pull on this style of carpet with their claws. So you may want to avoid Berber if you have a feline friend who likes to make their own scratching posts.

Level Loop

Level Loop

As the name suggests, level loop carpeting is another member of the loop family. Level loops provide an even surface that makes maintenance a breeze. The level surface also ensures that that wear spreads evenly throughout the carpet, improving durability. Plus, footprints and vacuum marks virtually never show in this exceptional style.

The potential for snags is the only real drawback to level loop carpeting. Like Berber carpets, pets’ claws and vacuums can catch on the small loops and pull the rug apart. But if you don’t have any pets and you’re careful while cleaning, level looped carpets are highly recommended.

Frieze / Twist

Frieze / Twist

Like a modern version of shag carpeting, frieze carpets are characterized by the high twists of their fibers. The design prevents fraying and hides stains and footprints effectively. It also helps to hide seams, which are often necessary with any style for rooms wider than 15 feet.

Frieze carpets are also one of the softest styles of carpets available. The thick material can even serve as a sort of insulation. Plus, it helps to dampen sounds in the room, providing a warmer feeling both in terms of temperature and acoustics.

There are some limits to the wonders of frieze carpetings. Although the plush fabric hides stains well, it can be difficult to clean. And while it’s not the most expensive style of carpet, it isn’t for budget shoppers either. But if these issues aren’t a concern for you, frieze carpets may be the perfect style for your home.



Saxony carpets might win the prize for the most popular style of carpet in Hinsdale, Illinois, or anywhere else for that matter. Its twisted fibers are sheared to stand straight to provide a level surface. And while Saxony carpets feel soft underfoot, they’re also rather durable.

Saxony carpets come in both straight and textured varieties. Straight Saxony carpets come in solid colors that often show footprints and vacuum marks. Textured versions typically feature more of a design made from tightly twisted fibers that hide such signs of use.

An exceptional all-around carpet choice, Saxony carpets can be a little boring for some people. They’re meant to blend into their surroundings rather than capture attention. So if you’re looking to make a statement with the carpet in your Hinsdale home, look elsewhere.

These are just a few of the many styles of carpet that you can choose from. But pictures don’t really do them justice. Stop by our beautiful showroom a short drive from Hinsdale, IL located at 585 S. Route 59 in Aurora. We’ll show you all of the different varieties of carpets and help you find the perfect one for your unique wants and needs.

Carpet Installation in Hinsdale, IL

Best Buy Interior Finishes should be your go-to choice for carpet installation in Hinsdale, IL. We offer professional service at competitive prices and a selection that’s second to none. As a family-owned business, we know how important it is to develop lasting relationships with our clients.

And for those planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel, we’re also a leading supplier of granite in Hinsdale. We can help you transform all of the most important surfaces in your home into something spectacular.

So give us a call today at 630-791-5472 to get a free estimate for your current or future projects.

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