Types of Tile Flooring in Naperville

Types Of Tile Flooring In Naperville

The type of flooring in your home makes a huge difference in the aesthetic and functionality of your space. From the backsplash in your kitchen to the flooring in your bathroom shower, tiles have endless uses and opportunities to permeate your home. Here are a handful of different types of tile flooring that we offer in Naperville and beyond. 


Ceramic is one of the most popular materials for tiles, as it allows for endless opportunities to customize the tile to fit your home. Ceramic tiles are made from clay materials and are either pressed, molded or hardened using high temperatures. Keep in mind that non-porcelain ceramic tiles are considered traditional, as they come in natural tones that can be dyed to nearly any color. Porcelain ceramic tiles are similar, however, there are other added materials to help strengthen the mixture, ultimately making porcelain tiles more durable. 


Many high-end homes utilize marble tiles to bring a luxurious element throughout the home. Veins of different colors can run throughout the tile, making each piece unique. This is a classic tile option, however, it does scratch easily, so it’s important to note this before choosing this as a tile option. 

Mexican Saltillo

This tile is a rust color that is typically man-made in Mexico. Each tile has its own unique character, as there are bumps, dips, or even paw prints from animals. Many people enjoy the character and warmth that this type of tile flooring in Naperville brings to their home. 


Tiles are cut directly from pieces of slate found naturally, often resulting in small bumps, uneven surfaces or imperfections that add character to the home. Make sure to seal your slate tiles to prevent water damage. 

These are only a handful of tile options that we offer! As always, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at Best Buy Interior Finishes & Granite for more information.