Transitioning Your Decor

In the Chicagoland area, you have to take advantage of every warm day there is! Now that it is May, your home décor ought to reflect this. Winter brings out the blankets, darker colors, and more, which is great for colder days, but can bring you down during the summer! Fortunately, there are some simple and inexpensive ways to upgrade your home after a long winter. With lighter colors, plants, and simple updates, you will be happy to have a more open and bright home while enjoying the sunshine.

Bring in the Light

One of the best things about summer is that it stays light out for much later. If your home invites in lots of natural light, take advantage of this! Trade out bulkier window coverings with sheer panels, white curtains, or anything that will let the light in. Open windows when you can, as the fresh air in your home will make you feel great! Along with sunlight, add pops of white throughout your home, from a side table to small accents on the wall or tables.


While there are plants that survive in the winter, filling your home with flowers and other plants is meant for summer. Not only do plants add a fresh touch in your home, they also add a pop of color! When your home has many neutrals, it is nice to have a colorful accent in the form of an African violet. Even if you aren’t the best at gardening, adding a low maintenance plant, or even just some succulents will help transition your home to warmer weather!

Overall, plants, natural light, and neutral accents will help brighten your home and transition it into summer. You don’t want to walk into your home on a nice day and see a dreary room; follow the above steps to ensure that you can enjoy summer even in your own house.