Timeless Kitchen Trends

In home decorating, there tends to be fleeting trends and trends that are here to stay; this rings especially true for kitchens! Since certain things in your kitchen, such as your stove, dining room table, cabinets, and more are expensive, you want to choose a design that is long lasting and you will enjoy for years to come. While items such as plates, hand towels, and more can be updated here and there, know what classic trends you love when it comes time to remodel your kitchen.

Lots of Space

More storage space, and a more open floor plan is often what people say they wish they had in their kitchen when remodeling. Turn to deep drawers, open shelving, and large sinks to help improve the amount of storage space you have. Increased storage space is always something to consider when you are looking at a remodel, whether it is another pantry, more cabinets, or more countertop space. Also consider your needs as a family; do you cook together often, do you always have a too-full pantry? This will help inform your decision on where you need more space.


Oftentimes, kitchens that stand the test of time are designed with neutral colors, sleek lines, hardwood floors, and stainless steel. Choosing lots of white and other neutrals ensure that you won’t get sick of a bold color; if anything, choose a bold color as an accent that can always change. A clean-lined design with stainless steel appliances is classic and, as a bonus, will be a plus when it comes time to sell your home. In addition to a clean-lined design, islands will always be a bonus when you have the room for it. They allow for much more storage space, as well as countertop space, and are made with materials that last.

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Courtesy of: Better Homes and Garden