The Best Way to Clean Tile Flooring

Ways to Clean Tile Flooring

After investing in nice tile flooring for your home, you are likely determined to keep them as clean as possible. While messes, spills and dirt are all unavoidable, there are measures you can take to reduce the lasting effects of damage to help increase the lifespan of your floors.

Here are some tips that our team has compiled to help you effectively remove dirt, spills and debris from your tile flooring near Downers Grove.

Sweep or Vacuum

Ideally, you will sweep or vacuum your floors at least once a week to keep dirt from accumulating on the surface. As a rule of thumb, whenever you notice your tile floors looking dull, this is a red flag that they need some TLC.

Mopping is Next

Once you’ve removed the dirt and grit off of your floors, you’ll want to create a solution with a mild detergent and hot water. One common mistake homeowners make when mopping is forgetting to change out the water. This results in dirty water being circulated throughout your floors.

If you aren’t sure what cleaner to use or if you don’t have one on hand, you can make a homemade one using hot water combined with either lemon juice or vinegar. Buff it dry with a clean cloth.

Don’t Forget About the Grout

Another important aspect of your tile flooring in Downers Grove and surrounding areas is keeping the grout clean. When your grout is dirty, it automatically makes your floors like dingy even if the tile itself is clean.

You can use a mild bleach solution or a grout cleaner to freshen up its appearance. We recommend wearing gloves while doing so to avoid damaging your skin.

With a consistent approach, you can help your tile floors stand the test of time.