Removing Persistent Water Stains from Hardwood Floors

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Whether you put the hardwood floors in yourself or you inherited them when you moved in, you’ll always want to do your best to care for them. Hardwood floors are an expensive investment that can last for decades with the right care, making them an extremely timeless and popular flooring choice in Woodridge and surrounding areas. 

However, if you’re familiar with hardwood flooring, you know that water is your arch-nemesis. While some water can be okay for your floors, you should avoid getting them wet on a consistent basis. Here are some tips to navigate those tricky water stains. 

Stains that Darken the Wood

In the case that water permeates through the finish of your floors, it may cause the wood to become darker. Here are some approaches to getting the stain out:

  • Steel wool: If you have a good eye and a gentle touch, steel wool is a great way to reduce the appearance of the stain. Take some steel wool and gently rub the stained area, blending throughout. 
  • Vinegar: Chances are high that you have at least some vinegar sitting around your kitchen, so why not put it to use? Soak a rag in vinegar and leave it on the stain for about 10 minutes. Tougher stains may require multiple rounds of this approach in order to work effectively. 
  • Hydrogen peroxide: If you want to take a more chemical approach to the stain, try using hydrogen peroxide. Use two parts water and one part hydrogen peroxide and apply the mixture with a cloth. Remove the cloth after 10 minutes and see if the stain improved during that time. 

Stains that Lighten the Wood

Some stains may cause the wood to lighten instead of darken. Light stains are easier to remove and can be minimized using simple methods. Take a small amount of petroleum jelly and apply it to the stain and let it sit overnight. You’ll likely be pleasantly surprised in the morning. You can also try making a paste with one part water and one part baking soda. 

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