Refinishing vs. Replacing Your Hardwood Floors

The long lifespan of hardwood flooring makes it ideal for many homeowners. If you already have hardwood floors, it can be difficult to determine whether or not you should refinish your current floors or replace them altogether. If your hardwood floors are showing major signs of wear and tear, our team at Best Buy Interior Finishes can help determine your next move. 

When to Refinish

Did you know that the average hardwood floor can be refinished multiple times to refresh its lifespan? Small scratches and other cosmetic imperfections in high-traffic areas can be remedied by refinishing. Generally speaking, if you have 1/32 of an inch of surface layer left, your flooring in Woodridge can be refinished. 

What If Your Flooring is Greying?

If you notice that your floors are looking more grey than they are brown, this is a more urgent situation. This is a sign that your finish is wearing thin, which could ultimately damage the structural integrity of the wood. Our team can help determine what route is best to restore your floors. 

When to Replace

Even if you think your hardwood floors have some life left in them, it’s still important to consider a replacement. If you notice that there is variance in the levelness of the flooring between rooms, this will only get worse with time. Also, consider a replacement if you want to reduce the squeakiness in your floors. This is something that can be fixed by replacing the floors and installing underlayment.

When it comes to hardwood flooring in Woodridge, our team at Best Buy Interior Finishes is your one-stop shop for affordable, high-quality floors. Contact us if you’re in need of our expertise.