Preparing Your Home for Carpet Installation

The process of installing carpet in Plainfield is exciting, as the end result will completely transform your living space. While our team at Best Buy Interior Finishes & Granite will make the installation process as seamless as possible, there are some preliminary steps that you can take to prepare your home. 

Move Furniture

You’ll want to clear the room of any furniture that you have to make room for the carpet to be installed. If there is a lot of wiring from your electronics, you’ll want to try to remove as much of that as you can as well. Our team can help take care of any moving that still needs to be done when we arrive. 

Watch for Other Installation Areas

If you’re redoing multiple areas of your home at one time, make sure that they don’t overlap with the carpet installation period. Having too many renovations going on at once could lead to chaos and jobs not being completed in the proper way. 

Make Sure Electrical Outlets are Accessible

Inspect the area of your home that will be receiving the new carpet to make sure there are accessible outlets. This will help our crew utilize the equipment and tools that we bring to make the process as seamless as possible.

Keep Children and Pets Away

As much as we love children and pets, having those distractions can make our job more difficult. Make sure that you arrange for your children or pets to be out of the room during the installation so they stay safe. 

We can’t wait for you to see the finished carpet in your home! For a wide selection of carpet in Plainfield, look no further than our team at Best Buy Interior Finishes & Granite.