Never Put These Products on Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floors

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Nothing enhances the beauty of your home or office quite like hardwood flooring, and if properly cared for it will last indefinitely. So, to maintain its natural beauty and prolong its life, here are some products you should never put on hardwood floors.

  1. Vinegar and ammonia – Cleaning products that have a base of vinegar or ammonia eat away at the dirt on your floor, but they also do the same thing to the finish of the floor. Over time, the acid in these products wears down the hardwood, leaving behind splotchy patches that are difficult to revive.
  2. Oil soap – Cleaners with an oil component will make your floor look shiny, but at the same time they often trap dust and dirt on top of the varnish, causing your floor’s finish to fade over time.
  3. Too much water – It might seem like a great idea to clean your hardwood floors with a mop and a bucket of water, but if you use too much water, the liquid will soak into the wood, causing it to expand and possibly crack at the seams. The damage cannot be repaired, only replaced.

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