Using Granite In Your Home

Granite is extremely popular in homes for a variety of reasons. The material is strong, easy to clean, heat and water resistant, and more. Additionally, granite comes in many colors and can be shaped to fit any spot. This makes it perfect for the kitchen, where its resistance to water and sanitary features can shine. Fortunately, granite can be used throughout your home rather than just in the kitchen; its versatility means granite can be used in your bathroom, living room, entryway, your office, and more!


Aside from the kitchen, the bathroom is the most common place for granite in your home. Vanity tops, similar to countertops, are perfect for granite because of its easiness to clean and resistance to mold. Granite sinks or basins can come in many forms, such as pedestal sinks or modern basins. This is also a great way to incorporate granite in a new way!

Creative Spots

While kitchen islands and vanity tops are often granite, interior design is meant to be fun. Adding decorative touches with granite can elevate your home in ways you may not have thought previously possible. Kitchen backsplashes, tabletops, fireplace mantles, granite medallions, and more can all be fashioned out of granite. At Best Buy Interior Finishes, our team of experts can ensure that your granite project turns out perfectly!

Granite Downers Grove

Whether you have an exact project in mind, or simply know that you want to add a granite finish to your home, stop by Best Buy Interior Finishes! Our showroom expert can discuss what you are looking for, and can provide valuable information. From kitchen countertops to even fireplace mantles, Best Buy Interior Finishes can make your dream home a reality!