Get Your Kitchen Organized!

Start Off the New Year with an Organized Kitchen

After cooking, hosting and spending a lot of time in your kitchen, it is a good time to get organized, get rid of clutter and create a space that you are not overwhelmed by. The kitchen is a space in your home that is in use more often than others, whether you are eating a meal, doing work or homework or grabbing a snack everyone is always in and out of the kitchen. An organized kitchen makes your life easier and can decrease the time for meal preparation when everything has a place and you know where it is. Best Buy Interior Finishes can help you find the right cabinets for your kitchen looking at the most popular styles and what fits best in your home. Contact us for more information on our services today.

Steps to Decluttering and Reorganizing

First, go through each kitchen cabinet and take everything out. Throw away or donate what you do not use, appliances you have two of or broken items you forgot you had. This will get rid of unnecessary clutter and to get the job done to its fullest extent be sure to go through every cabinet and every drawer with separate piles of keep, donate, throw away on the floor. Most kitchens are short on storage space so only keep the items you use often.

After going through and figuring out what you plan to keep, group like items together. For example, sort through all your baking appliances and pile them together, your go to cooking items and daily dishes, glassware and silverware. Make a pile of holiday or seasonal items, such as holiday serving platters or special china, that are only used a couple of times a year to put in a separate place.

Now you are ready to organize your cabinets and find a place for each of your piles. Put cooking and baking appliances and items close to where you cook and are preparing to cook. Cups and glasses should be close to your sink or refrigerator, wherever water is most accessible. Utensils and other utensil-like cooking supplies should be near where you prep as well. Best Buy Interior Finishes can help you decide which cabinets to build shelves and work in more space for you to store all your kitchen items and appliances. You can also use drawer dividers to organize your cooking utensils and miscellaneous drawers that may have a random assortment of items, but are still organized.

Make your kitchen the start of decluttering and a new beginning this 2017. You will feel accomplished and all your cooking and dining experiences with be quick, efficient and enjoyable because you know where everything is and your kitchen will look brand new with your new organization style. Contact Best Buy Interior Finishes today if you are looking to redo your cabinets for the most popular styles and we will help you find one that will fit your kitchen and your budget.