Deep Cleaning for Spring!

Most people do some degree of spring cleaning, but this is also the perfect time to do some deep cleaning. Over time, even if you regularly clean your home, there are areas that you simply miss, or that you don’t think need cleaning to begin with. Whether it is carpets, cabinets, etc., by spending time on deep cleaning, the things in your home will last longer. Even the most cleaning-averse person should be happy to spend the time when it saves them money in the long run!

In The Kitchen

Other than the bathroom, the kitchen tends to be the room that needs the most amount of deep cleaning. From cabinets to appliances, these items are often neglected or only see a surface cleaning; one important factor to keep in mind is the material your flooring or appliances are made of. If your appliances are stainless steel, get the correct cleaner for stainless steel, and the same goes for wood, tile, and countertops. You will want to deep clean your oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, and more. Countertops likely see regular cleaning, but if they are not sealed, or not sealed properly, have this done as a part of your spring deep cleaning.


Depending on your flooring, you may want to reconsider the way you are cleaning your floors! With hardwood floors, you should only be wet-cleaning them no more than once a month with spot cleans when needed. If you don’t have furniture protectors in place already, do so now! For carpeting, if you do not have a professional cleaning machine, hire someone to come and deep clean your carpet. Having your carpet professionally cleaned is not only beneficial to the life of your carpet but also in maintaining your carpet warranty valid. This may seem unnecessary, but it is extremely important for both air quality and preserving the carpet.

Additional Places

Ideally, you would deep clean your entire home. Many start by organizing storage rooms, their closets, and laundry rooms; this is a great place to begin! De-cluttering your home is an important part of spring cleaning. Other areas you will want to hit include your windows, bedding and mattress, patio furniture, rugs, and more. This is a big project; so don’t expect it to be done in one weekend! However, once you are completely done, your home will look and feel brand new!

After your home is completely spring-cleaned, contact Best Buy Interior Finishes if you are looking for a way to upgrade your flooring or countertops!

Courtesy of: House Beautiful