Cleaning Hardwood Floors

We get questions about cleaning hardwood flooring in Naperville homes all the time. It makes sense. After all, you spent time and money getting your hardwood flooring installed, so you might as well take care of it. Proper care for your hardwood surface will extend its useful life, keep you under warranty, and maintain the beauty of your floors.

Some hardwoods, depending on the finish, do not respond well to certain cleaning techniques. The first step to maintaining the hardwood flooring in your Naperville home is to find out what kind of finish you’re dealing with. Then your installer can recommend liquid cleaners that are safe to use.

  1. Floors with a surface seal.

These are the easiest to clean. You’re covered as long you give it a regular sweeping and mopping with soap and water.

Don’t be fooled by “water resistant floors.”

Water is still bad for hardwood, even if it’s sealed. If you leave standing water or clean with a soaking wet mop, you’re doing damage to the hardwood, no matter the finish.

  1. Treated floors.

This type of hardwood flooring in Naperville requires much more care than a surface-sealed floor. While treated floors still have a layer of protection, they need to be waxed and polished yearly.

Don’t use just any cleaner or wax.

Talk to your installer about what liquid cleaners and waxes won’t violate your warranty. And be extra careful when mopping. You should use a mop that’s damp, not soaked.

  1. Untreated floors.

Untreated floors are a less common type of hardwood finish. Like treated floors, you’re going to need special cleaners and wax designed for wood floors. It’s also important to remove any built up wax with a stripper.

Unlike the other types of finish, never use a damp mop on untreated floors.

The lack of finish means there is very little protection for the wood and any water could potentially cause damage.

A few universal things apply when cleaning hardwood floors of any finish

  • Avoid abrasive cleaners
  • Avoid excess water
  • Avoid placing unprotected furniture legs on hardwood

If you’re not sure what type of finish you have, you can always call the professionals at Best Buy Interior Finishes. We have over 25 years of experience installing flooring in Naperville area. So stop by our store, or visit our website to learn more and read more helpful articles. Or give us a call at (630)791-5472!